PRESS RELEASE. Turkestan region, August 4, 2021. On behalf of the President of Kazakhstan, the implementation of the "Plan for gasification of the Turkestan region" continues, according to which it is planned to provide 100% of the settlements of the region with gas by 2026.

KazTransGas JSC has completed the construction of a supply and intra-village gas pipeline in six settlements of the Kazygurt district of Turkestan region, where residents of the villages of Kyzylsengir, Tugyr, Zangar, Kakpak, Syrlysay and Bagys were able to connect to natural gas.
Gas to these settlements will be supplied from the automatic gas distribution station "Kakpak" through specially constructed gas drainage and distribution pipelines.

"We suffered a lot, and we did not expect that they would bring us gas. It was something unreal for us. And now the dream has come true, thank you to everyone who is involved in this. It will become easier to live, " says Nuraly Aitimbetov, a resident of the village of Kakpak.

Residents note that blue fuel is also beneficial because it will save on coal during the heating season, and housing will not need cosmetic repairs, as is usually the case with solid fuel.

According to Shalkar Omarbekov, director of the Turkestan production branch of KazTransGas Aimak JSC, 4 gas control points (hydraulic fracturing), 1248 individual cabinet control points (CCP) were built as part of the gasification of six settlements, more than 107 km of the supply gas pipeline and intra-block gas distribution networks were laid. The commissioned facilities will provide uninterrupted gas supply to 1,723 private homes and 2 social facilities.
By the way, the Taskesken AGRS, which was put into effect last week, will also supply nine settlements of the Saryagash district and two settlements of the Keles district. The primary connection to blue fuel is planned in the following localities: Taskesken, Taskesken-2, Zhylysu, Tegisshil. More than 20 thousand people live in the villages.

On the part of JSC "KazTransGas", all work was performed ahead of schedule. Congratulating the villagers on this joyful event, the gas workers distributed instruction booklets to the residents, where the rules for the safe use of gas are indicated. "Gas is a blessing, but at the same time, when handling gas, safety should come first," gas workers say.

Now, it is up to the local authorities, which must control the quality of the gas infrastructure built by contractors.

In general, there are 843 settlements in the Turkestan region, in which 1,983,967 people live. Of these, there are 7 cities with a total population of 389,400 people and 836 rural settlements with a population of 1,594,567 people.

It should be added that last year, gas came not only to the Turkestan region, gasification of the capital and central regions also began, due to which the number of consumers significantly increased. Today, 9.8 million people and more than 51 thousand enterprises receive blue fuel in Kazakhstan.