Mission and Vision

The development strategy of JSC NC "QazaqGaz" until 2032 was approved by the decision of the Board of Directors of JSC NC "QazaqGaz" on August 9, 2023.

The implementation of the set goals will allow building a sustainable gas market, maximize value across all elements of the chain, as well as increase the efficiency of the organization and prepare the company for a successful IPO.

The development strategy of JSC "NC "QazaqGaz" is based on a comprehensive plan for the development of the gas industry, the Concept of the development of the fuel and energy complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Long-term Strategy of the Fund harmonizes with the main energy program documents of the country.

Company mission:

To ensure the consistent supply of profitable gas to improve the quality of life for the population, enhance energy security, and facilitate the transition to sustainable energy for the development of the Republic of Kazakhstan's economy.

Company Vision:

QazaqGaz is a highly effective player in the stable gas market, contributing to maximize the investment attractiveness of Kazakhstan's gas sector and unlock the country's gas potential to promote social prosperity.

The comprehensive Development Strategy consists of 12 development directions:

  1. Creating a resilient gas market and fostering a culture of responsible consumption
  2. Exploration and Production
  3. Recycling (GPP)
  4. Trading operations
  5. GTS and UGS
  6. GRS and the last mile
  7. Downstream
  8. Improvement of operational and investment activities
  9. Development of competencies in the gas industry and building a highly competent organization (incl. STC)
  10. Increasing the efficiency of the organization through the use of digital tools
  11. Preparing the company for a successful IPO
  12. Priority directions of development of the company's ESG profile, including decarbonization of QazaqGaz