Gas distribution stations
20 thous.
main gas pipelines
63,7 thous. km.
distribution networks
9,5 million
consumers in the domestic market
large underground gas storage facilities
compressor stations
63,7 thous km
Total length of the gas pipeline
14,4 thous km
3,6 thous km
Industrial enterprises
12,6 thous km
Gas pipelines under trust management
33,2 thous km
Owned distribution networks
11,7 million ppl
Gasification level
2,3 thous. subscr.
Number of consumers

About company

Joint Stock Company "National Company "QazaqGaz" is the main gas company of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representing the interests of the state, both in the domestic and foreign gas market.

Sustainable development

Since 2013, the Company has been publishing a Sustainable Development Report prepared in accordance with the GRI Guidelines.

In 2021, diagnostics of the company's ESG system was started and a Roadmap of recommendations for improving the company's ESG system and increasing positions in ESG ratings was developed. In its activities, QazaqGaz consistently adheres to the high principles of ESG and corporate governance standards.

In order to comply with these principles, the Company intends to apply the best international experience in doing business, protecting the environment, ensuring safe working conditions, and developing human capital.

Sustainable development... Management approach... Occupational health and safety... Еnvironmental protection... Climate change... Human capital... Human rights...