A meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council (STC) was held at NC QazaqGaz JSC, focusing on issues related to geological exploration, digitalization, and underground gas storage. The secretariat of the STC is QazaqGaz STC LLP.

Employees from NC QazaqGaz JSC, Intergas Central Asia JSC, and QazaqGaz STC LLP attended the meeting.

The Department for Prospective Projects and Geological Exploration of NC QazaqGaz JSC presented the following issues for discussion:

 - summary and analysis of the stock materials of the National Geological Service for the Mezhdurechensk sections to assess the prospects for gas content and develop a program or plan for further work;

-formation of a database of promising structures for creating new underground gas storage facilities by updating historical reports (along the SAC MG, Sary-Arka, BBS/TBA, and near Almaty);

- drilling an exploratory well at the Shalkar site

One of the key topics was the formation of a unified platform for geological and geophysical information for the QG group of companies, which was presented by the Department of Geology and Field Development of QazaqGaz STC LL. This unique project represents an interactive map and analytical environment where, in addition to systematization historical and contemporary seismic and well data, online monitoring of geological production activities is planned (this includes operational drilling processes, well testing, and field geological exploration). In international practice, similar databases are used to optimize the timing and quality of analytical studies and, accordingly, quickly make decisions.

The project will be implemented within the framework of the Comprehensive Gas Industry Development Plan for 2022–2026 of the Republic of Kazakhstan.