Occupational safety

In 2022, there were changes in the organizational structure of labor protection, industrial safety and emergency management (OHS). Until March 2022, the Company’s Production and Technical Department supervised issues in the field of health, safety and emergency situations. In March 2022, by the decision of the Board of NC QazaqGaz JSC, it was decided to create a separate structural unit - the Health, Safety & Environment Service (HSE Service), directly reporting to the Chairman of the Board.

Responsibility for the implementation of HSE functions and tasks lies with the head of the HSE Service and employees of structural units who head their structural units in this area in the subsidiaries and affiliates. In addition, each employee of the Company bears personal responsibility for compliance with HSE requirements within the framework of their job descriptions.

In 2022, the Company established a Committee on Labor Protection, Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection under the Management Board of NC QazaqGaz JSC in order to coordinate and monitor the implementation of labor protection and industrial safety measures.

The company takes all available measures to improve practices in the field of health and safety. In 2022, to develop the practice of employee participation in creating safe working conditions in the workplace, the Documented Procedure “Incentive and Consequence Management Program” was approved.

In 2022, QazaqGaz NC JSC continued to implement the “Plan – Do – Check – Act” concept, which is the main vector for the development of practices in the area of HSE.

NC QazaqGaz JSC has 11 Occupational Safety and Health Councils (hereinafter referred to as the Councils), including the Central Office. The Councils include technical labor protection inspectors, as well as all members of the Trade Union.

Each head of the HSE structural unit ensures control over the conduct of internal and external audits of production processes at his or her management level. During the reporting period, under the leadership of Samruk-Kazyna JSC, on-site internal audits were carried out in the Turkestan region. Representatives of NC QazaqGaz JSC carried out on-site audits in accordance with the on-site inspection plans and schedules. Based on the results of each inspection, a protocol is drawn up.

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Occupational Health and Safety Report